Your Friend With the IPod is Not the best option

What should you look for in a DJ?  It’s 100% personal preference, but I try to conduct my business using this fundamental question as the framework.  Make sure that the DJ you choose has a firm grasp of event management as well as the ability to play music to set the mood you are looking for.  Let’s face it, the DJ is the one that keeps your event running smoothly.  Having a playlist on an iPod may seem appealing when working with a budget, but the last time I checked, Mp3 players don’t have the ability to make announcements, take requests, and provide entertainment for your evening.  A good DJ will consult with you a few times, guiding you in the process of planning the timing of activities for your event, as well as adapt the music with the mood/reactions of your guests.  Follow me on twitter or like me on Facebook using the links at the top bar for more tips and fun facts!

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